31 October 2014

im gettin older

Esok 1 november sesi petang..
my day to celebrate my 4 years struggling up and down as a degree holder in computer science major software engineering..

Banyak yang dah jadi throughout 4 years ni.
happy and depressed moments all packed dalam 4 tahun di upm.
semuaaaaaa moment lahhh includes family,friends ,love crisis, back stabbers...and bla..bla..blaa..

actually, i m expecting something good after abes belajar ni.
but , unfortunately my expectation turned out to be farrrrr differ than i expected. 

never thought he who i trusted most ,were just giving fake hope all along.
and i felt so dumb fall for those rubbish. 

but its okey, i learned a lot and  the biggest earn is maturity. 

despite all those baddddd memoriess, ade jugak happy moments dengan family,
kawan kawan yang penuh kekelingan.,
 and yaaaaaaah. the best part is, my younger brother who suffer from mysterious sickness is getting better. thank you ALLAH swt. 

Truth to be told,
Rasa macam 4 years is to soooonnnnnn..
which my mind still not SETABIL enough to face all those adults  working life fevaaaaah.

will update with more graduation piccas. hihi

as salam mualaikum wbr bloggers. ;)

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